Original U.S. WWII Era Coston-Sedgley 37mm Aluminum Frame Flare Signal Pistol

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Dating from WWII or just after this is a very interesting rare variation with an aluminum frame. The Sedgley Signal Pistol is a single-shot signal pistol with a hinged barrel that is operated manually. It was loaded by dismantling the breech latch, which was located under the barrel, just in front of the trigger. The flare pistol does not have any mounted sights. The pistol is constructed of two parts: a aluminum pistol grip frame and a steel barrel and breech piece. A large securing screw is located in the back of the pistol's frame. On the buttstock of the pistol grip is a lanyard swivel. The flare gun was fired by pulling back on the trigger, which lacked a trigger guard. A selector lever button is located on the breech latch, just in front of the trigger.

Left side of the barrel is marked COSTON-SEDGLEY with the patent marking on the left side of the frame that reads PAT 1-13-31. Aluminum checkered grip area, with circled S on both sides. Additionally, serial number 3929 is marked inside the barrel hinge.

Condition rates are very good. The barrel has retained its black paint with some minor scratches and pitting. The breech shows signs of use and also has some minor spotting and a nice aged patina. The aluminum is in the original silver finish, has some minor handling marks with a few scratches. The firing pin is still intact and functions well. The attached lanyard is in good condition with signs of oxidation.

This example is marked S in a circle on the grips. so it was most likely not used by the U.S. Navy. Due to sea air, they would have their pistols equipped with plastic grips and alloy barrels, which were much more resistant to corrosion. This example was probably used by ground forces.

The flare pistol has a smooth-bore barrel that is 4 ½ " long and fires a variety of parachute flares and colored star cluster cartridges. During World War II, the US Navy used flare pistols for signaling and firing parachute flares to illuminate the night.

A great addition to any WWII U.S. Flare Pistol collection!

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