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Original U.S. WWII Era Case XX Pilot Survival Machete Grouping With Silk “Escape & Evasion” Maps - 4 Items

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Original Items: Only One Grouping Available. During WWII, aircraft were equipped with various types of survival kits, whether they be for the individual pilot or crews, the basis of them were all the same, to use for survival. These kits weren’t issued out for the “if” scenarios, they were given out for the “when” scenarios. War is hell and unpredictable, no plan survives once contact is made with the enemy and you always have to be prepared for the worst case scenario, in this case it was getting shot down and trapped behind enemy lines.

This “kit” contains just a few items that you would encounter in the full survival kits of WWII. Items such as these would have been contained in some sort of waterproof case, either cloth or plastic. On larger aircraft they would be located in a general and easy to access location while the pilots of the single seater aircraft would be on their person or within an arms reach.

The Items In This Grouping.:

- AAF Cloth Chart of Eastern Asia dated 1944 (23 ½” x 25”): The map is in good, slightly used condition. The map itself is for Eastern Asian and the locations of Vladimiro-Aleksandrovskoye on one side and Otomari on the other.

- AAF Cloth Chart of Eastern Asia dated 1944 (23” x 26 ½”): The map is in moderately used condition with minor staining present. The map itself is also an Eastern Asia map but with the locations of Nagasaki and Kagoshima.

- Model 40653 Emergency Signaling Mirror By General Electric: This mirror is model 40653, manufactured by General Electric. Small and compact, it could be used to signal for assistance over a 10-mile distance. Instructions for using the mirror are provided on the reverse, which also includes a braided lanyard for wearing around the neck.

- Case XX Pilot Survival Machete With Blade Guard: This would be considered the “first model” of these survival machetes, the more commonly encountered example is the folding ones. This machete still retains all original components including the blade guard. The finish is retained quite nicely on the blade and has a crisp CASE XX stamping near the spine of the 10" blade. Measures 15" in overall length.

This is a lovely assortment of items and comes more than ready for display.

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