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Original U.S. WWII Era Army Children’s Uniform Jacket & Visor Cap with Wood Rifle

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Original Item. Only One Available. The time honored tradition of “playing Army” dates back centuries. Children have always wanted to emulate those around them and if they’re from a military family they do so to honor them. It was no different during the WWII era. The war was in every household, on the radio and at the picture shows. There were countless recycling drives and award systems specifically for children and the War Effort, this was essentially a way of life and the children wanted to look the part while playing the part.

This uniform jacket mimics a World War I enlisted uniform with the solid collar and a faux ribbon bar sewn above the left breast pocket. The ribbon colors are meaningless and are just for show. The buttons on the uniform are large and really add to the look of the set. The visor cap has a gilt infantry cap badge and a leather sweatband, with a size sticker for 6 ¾. This is really a darling uniform and the little child’s rifle really ties it all together. There are no maker’s marks on the set.

The small wooden rifle is basically a silhouette and is made entirely of wood, with a hole for the trigger but no trigger and a small bit of twine to be used as a sling. A very darling set for an adorable tike. The rifle measures about 23” long.

The uniform came to us from the American Armored Foundation, Inc. Tank and Ordnance Memorial Museum. The AAF Tank Museum was a living memorial dedicated to the Tank and Cavalry soldiers of the world. Before 1981 some of the artifacts that make up the AAF Tank Museum was a private collection belonging to Mr. William Gasser. Mr. Gasser felt that his collection would be beneficial in educating present and future generations to the sacrifices made and the technologies gained during war. Therefore, in 1981 the AAF Tank Museum was established as a non-profit charitable organization, and Mr. Gasser donated his private collection to the Tank Museum. Mr. Gasser is still active as Volunteer Director and Curator of the Tank Museum and his knowledge of military history has been a great asset to the museum. Unfortunately after 20 years of operation it had to close its doors, which is when this uniform was acquired.

This is a fantastic set ready for further research and display.

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