Original U.S. WWII Defense Bonds Stamps Large Propaganda Poster - 60” x 40”

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Original Item: Only One Available. War savings stamps were issued by the United States Treasury Department to help fund participation in World War I and World War II. Although these stamps were distinct from the postal savings stamps issued by the United States Post Office Department, the Post Office nevertheless played a major role in promoting and distributing war savings stamps. In contrast to Liberty Bonds, which were purchased primarily by financial institutions, war savings stamps were principally aimed at common citizens. During World War I, 25-cent Thrift stamps were offered to allow individuals to accumulate enough over time to purchase the standard 5-dollar War Savings Certificate stamp. When the Treasury began issuing war savings stamps during World War II, the lowest denomination was a 10-cent stamp, enabling ordinary citizens to purchase them. In many cases, collections of war savings stamps could be redeemed for Treasury Certificates or War Bonds.

The United States Treasury Department began to issue a series of war savings stamps in late 1942. Unlike the War Savings Certificate stamps from World War I, these war savings stamps earned no interest. Instead, their sole purpose was to facilitate saving toward the purchase of Series E war bonds.

The 60” x 40” poster features a smiling factory worker holding up a U.S. war bond. The heading includes a motif of a colonial militiaman with a rifle and plow.

The text that can be found on the poster is as follows:



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Large posters such as this one were used more for commercial locations and workplaces. This would have been in a common room of a factory or business to better catch the eyes of as many workers as possible.

This is a lovely example of an unrestored and excellent condition poster. There is no significant damage present, but there are the original fold marks still present. These folds were made after the printing process to make distribution easier, especially with posters this size.

Clear some wall space because this one comes more than ready for display!

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