Original U.S. WWII D-Day Invasion Normandy Jump Parachute Section, Pull Handle and 2 Coins - Sent Home By John Trowbridge 501st PIR

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Original Items: Only One Grouping Available. This is a small yet fantastic grouping sent home by a member of the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment after the Normandy Invasion during WWII.

John C. Trowbridge was like many other troopers during the war, he wanted a memento of his jump and cut a piece of his parachute canopy to send home. Trowbridge was a member of the 101st Airborne Division and is even mentioned in multiple books, one being “The Battered Bastard of Bastogne: The 101st Airborne and the Battle of the Bulge, December 19, 1944 - January 17, 1945. The book mentions: “PFC John C. Trowbridge had spent the better part of two months in a hospital for wounds to his right thigh, received in the attack on the town of Schijndel in Holland. He had spent some time at the former training site at Hamstead Marshall. He’d boarded a C-47 with several others for the flight to Mourmelon. He wrote:

"It was on this flight to Mourmelon that I learned of Col. Howard Johnson’s death. I was devastated! I had lost a lot of friends in Normandy and Holland, but how could we go on without the Colonel!

PFC. 1st class John C. Trowbridge HQ company of the 501st in the 101st was a part of a 30cal machine gun team in Bastogne. He was on Easy company's immediate right flank at the railroad tracks between Foy and Bizory. Joe Toy and 'Wild' Bill Guarnere were hit in the same German artillery barrage that hit and nearly killed PFC Trowbridge as his machine gun team was one of three sent to attack the German 5th SS panzer and the 26th Volksgenader on Jan 3rd, 1945.

The grouping consists of a roughly 19” x 24” canopy piece, the red parachute pull handle, (1) 1938 British Penny and (1) 1914 British half penny.

These items come more than ready for further research and display!

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