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Original U.S. WWII D-Day GI JIVE Named A-2 Flight Jacket

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Technical Sergeant Roy L. Hoff Army Serial Number 37414120 who participated in the D-Day invasion. He was a radio operator/mechanic and gunner aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress. His crew were members of the 364th Bomb Squadron, 305th Bombardment Group, of the Eighth Air Force. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 3 Oak leaf Clusters, and the European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with three battle stars.

His daughter wrote:

          My Dad was T/Sgt. Drafted Jan 26, 1943, discharged Oct 27, 1945. He was a radio operator/ mechanic gunner. He had the distinguished Flying Cross, Air medal with 3 clusters and E.T.O ribbon with 3 battle stars. I have no idea what that all means.

His first mission was may 9, 1944 over France. May 10, 1944 over Germany. May 28, 1944 over Germany. On May 29, 1944 over Germany, they had to return to base with engine trouble. Plane that replaced them was shot down.

Several more flights over France. Then the “Day of Days” D-Day. I believe that that is the day he received the Air Medal

On June 15, 1944, over France, he said the plane was hit 7 times, and that if he'd have been at his radio, he would have been “pushing up daisies”.

On June 18, 1944, over Germany. It was a rough day, lots of flak. He said he was never so scared in his life. They were in #3 position, #1 changed with #3 and they took #2 spot. The Plane that took their portion was shot down.

The jacket was hand painted by Dad also.

I hope this is of interest to you, I know it is remarkable to me. He NEVER once spoke of his time in service to anyone I know. Here are the entries from his original mission log.

Hoff’s jacket is a Russet brown leather A-2 flight jacket in size 38, with manufacturer tag that reads: Type A-2, DWG No. 30-45, A. C. Order No. 42-6-75-P, Perry Sportswear Inc., Newburgh, N. Y., Property, Air Force, U. S. Army.

The jacket features incredible hand-painted details, with the right chest bearing a set of 29 red-and-white bombs, one of which is marked in white paint, D Day. The reverse of the jacket featuring an impressive depiction of Hoff’s B-17 bomber, showing the WF-J Southern Comfort set against clouds and exploding shells, with G.I. Jive in large red-and-white lettering below.

The left chest bears a large faded and hand-painted custom leather 364th Bombardment Squadron emblem patch, featuring a caricatured wolf's head with large red, jagged lightning bolt. Back lining of jacket stenciled with crewman’s name and Army serial number:

Roy L. Hoff


Inspection stamp immediately below tag faded but visible. The jacket is in functional, original condition, with Conmar zipper to front, two front pouch buttoned pockets, and knit waist and cuffs. In very good to fine condition, with some tears and holes to cuffs and inner collar area, scattered paint marks, and expected wear from use and storage.

Also included are copies of two pages of additional biographical information about the pilot from his daughter, including a list of the 29 dates and mission targets on which the jacket was worn.

He flew 29 missions in WWII as follows (except from his flight log provided by his daughter):

5-09-44: From Chelveston, Eng. to Thionvillew, (sp) France.

5-10-44: Target Olenburge, Germany

5-28-44: Target Zwickav, Germany

5-29-44: Target Cuddbus, Germany. Started towards target, engine 3 & 4 smoking badly,                                        returned to base. Man who took our place got shot down by fighters.

5-30-44: Target Strassburgh, France

6-02-44: Target Boulogne, France

6-04-44: Target gun emplacements south of Boulogne

6-06-44: D-Day – Got AIR MEDAL today!

6-07-44: Target Lorient, France

6-08-44: Target Airfield east of Nantes France

6-11-44: Target St Andre, France

6-12-44: Target Cambria France Airfield

6-14-44: Target Estampes Air Field, France

6-15-44: Target Nantes France. Largest bridge in east-central... ours was the only one showing          hits. Heavy flak... guess we were lucky. Had I been at my radio, I would have been pushing up daisies. 7 holes in ship.

6-17-44: Target Orleans, France

6-18-44: Target Hamburg, Germany

6-22-44: Target Ghent, Belgium

6-23-44: Target Bergman, Germany

7-02-44: Target Frieges, France

7-07-44: Target Leipzig 39 Bombers lost.

7-21-44: Target St. Lo, France

7-25-44: Target St. Lo, France

7-28-44: Target Merseberg, Germany

7-31-44: Target Munich, Germany

8-01-44: Target Cheateaudon, Francew

8-04-44: Target Anklom, France

8-06-44: Target Brandenburg, Germany

8-07-44: Target Oil tanks Bordeaux, France

9-10-44: Target Stultart, Germany

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