Original U.S. WWII Customized Theatre Made PAL 36 and Model 1918 Trench Knife with Stag Grip

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This WWII theater made customized knife began life as a U.S. WWI Model 1918 Mark I Trench Knife by a French maker which would have been marked marked Au Lion. The brass grip is marked 1918 and retains the lowest brass knuckle ring as well as the skull crusher pommel. The top portion of the grip is Stag horn with a leather washer between the horn and the brass grip. The blade has been replaced with a WWII RH PAL 36 Fighting Knife blade.

This is really a fascinating custom theater made fighting knife that combines some of the very best aspects of WW1 knife technology with a superior more versatile blade of a WW2 knife. The knife measures approximately 12 inches in length with a 6 inch blade. Comes complete with an original period PAL 36 leather scabbard.

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