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Original U.S. WWII Custom Mk3 Knuckle Duster Fighting Knife As Seen in Book Signed By Author - Page 66

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Original Item: One-Of-A-Kind. This is a beautiful example of a converted Mk3 knife into a more aggressive “trench” knife! As seen in the fantastic book Theatre Made Military Knives of World War Two by Bill Wright on page 66, this knife is a custom made cast fighting knife with an absolutely beautiful M8A1 sheath. The author used this knife as a specimen for his wonderful book and even signed the opening page. The signed copy of the book accompanies the purchase of this knife.

This example was made from the blade of an Ontario M3 or Mk3 Fighting Knife. The M3 fighting knife or M3 trench knife was an American military combat knife first issued in March 1943. The M3 was originally designated for issue to soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet. However, it was particularly designed for use by forces in need of a close combat knife, such as Airbornes and Army Rangers, so these units received priority for the M3 at the start of production. As more M3 knives became available in 1943 and 1944, the knife was issued to other soldiers such as Army Air Corps crewmen and soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet, including soldiers issued the M1 Carbine or a submachine gun such as the M3 “grease gun.

The handle is made from cast brass with the blade “leaded” into the handle to fill the space, and was then secured by two bolts through the handle. The blade is loose due to missing lead around the base, but could be tightened a little from the bolts, if you would wish to do so.

This is truly a wonderful example of just how resourceful a man at war can be. Comes ready for display and further research.


Blade Length: 6 1/4”
Overall Length: 11"
Guard: 41/4"L x 4"W
Scabbard Length: 7 1/2" with belt loop

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