Original U.S. WWII Custom Knuckle Duster Fighting Knife Constructed From Remington Bayonet

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This blade appears to have started life as a Mexican Model 1899 Rolling Block Bayonet which was manufactured under military contract by Remington. Several of these bayonet were also sold to France during the First World War for use with their Mle1915 Rolling Block rifles. The blade is in fair condition with lots of wear.

This is a fantastic U.S. made custom fighting knife that features a solid aluminum knuckle bow and grip reminiscent of an M1918 Trench knife. It measures 12 inches in overall length with a 7 inch blade. It comes with a custom leather sheath that features classic WWII split pin construction.

Overall a very interesting custom WW2 trench knife made to last!
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