Original U.S. WWII Custom Knuckle Duster Fighting Knife As Seen in Book Signed By Author - Page 264

Item Description

Original Item: One-Of-A-Kind. This is a beautiful example of a cut down bayonet converted to a fighting knife! As seen in the fantastic book Knuckle Knives of the Second World War by Greg Aloisio on page 264, this knife is a custom made cast fighting knife with an absolutely beautiful leather and metal sheath which has been personalized with U.S.A. 44. The author used this knife as a specimen for his wonderful book and even signed page 264 where this knife is featured. The signed copy of the book accompanies the purchase of this knife.

This beautiful example of a theater made knuckle knife was constructed out of the upper portion of an unknown bayonet. The blade was fitted on “backwards” in order to be used in the upside down knife hold fighting technique. Holding a knife in this grip has a number of uses, not the least of which is to attack from the upper body, rather than the lower, with more power. It is also possible to feint a variety of ways, and to knock aside or hook an opponent’s limb or weapon with the additional use of your other hand. The blade positioned and held this way was for inflicting deeper stab wounds as opposed to slashing.

This is truly a wonderful example of just how resourceful a man at war can be. Comes ready for display and further research.

Blade Length: 8”
Handle Length: 4 ½”
D Guard Length: 4 ½”
Scabbard Length: 11”

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