Original U.S. WWII Custom Brass Knuckle Fighting Knife M4 Bayonet Conversion with M8 Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. You don't find ones like this very often! A Genuine WWII U.S. Theater Made converted M4 Carbine bayonet into a fighting knife with brass knuckle guard held in an original M8 scabbard. The grip of the knife is a .50 caliber brass shell casing! The brass knuckle guard is thick and expertly designed and mounted. This was custom made for some enterprising GI for use in the field in hand to hand combat against the German Wehrmacht.

Very good condition clean sharp blade with some original black finish. Zero rust or over sharpening that we can see. Blade shows minor in and out wear and missing finish on the tip. Grip and pommel are all tight to the blade.

Comes with an OD green fiber scabbard marked U.S. M8 B.M. Co offered in very good condition. This design features a a fiberglass body, metal throat, and canvas frog and securing strap.  It was manufactured by Beckwith Mfg Co. a division of Victory Plastics, whose stylized V P logo is on the back of the scabbard body. The canvas is in great shape, as are the metal fittings and snap, though unfortunately the fiberglass body has a split down the side.
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