Original U.S. WWII Cognac or Brandy Snifter Trench Art Set With Platter Constructed From German Brass Shell Casings - 6 Snifter “Shotglasses”

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. This is a lovely set and not the type of trench art often encountered. You usually come across the regular art pieces such as carved artillery shells and the occasional stein, but never a shotglass/snifter set! The entire set was made from WWII German 20mm shell casings with a larger Kriegsmarine shell casing to be used as a base. There is a threaded stud in the center which may have held a possible decantur or even an ashtray, unfortunately we may never know.

Trench art is any decorative item made by soldiers, prisoners of war, or civilians where the manufacture is directly linked to armed conflict or its consequences. It offers an insight not only to their feelings and emotions about the war, but also their surroundings and the materials they had available to them.

Not limited to the World Wars, the history of trench art spans conflicts from the Napoleonic Wars to the present day. Although the practice flourished during World War I, the term 'trench art' is also used to describe souvenirs manufactured by service personnel during World War II. Some items manufactured by soldiers, prisoners of war or civilians during earlier conflicts have been retrospectively described as trench art.

The set appears to be complete (without topper) with the six “glasses” fitting perfectly on the platter. They all have complete markings and headstamps, perfect for research and identification purposes.

A lovely and unique set that comes more than ready for further research and display.

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