Original U.S. WWII Case Stiletto “OSS Commando” Fighting Knife With Leather Sheath - Unissued

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. During World War II, the stiletto knife made a comeback in the form of combat knives for commando raiding forces and other troops who needed a weapon for silent killing. Towards the end of 1940, renowned British hand-to-hand combat instructors William E. Fairbairn and Eric A. Sykes created the Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife. This double-edged dagger had a long narrow point designed to maximize the blade for thrusting, although it could also be used for slashing strokes if the cutting edges were sharpened.

Several variations of the F-S knife emerged soon after, including the United States Marine Raider Stiletto, which was based on the Fairbairn–Sykes knife. Also, the U.S. V-42 stiletto was designed from the outset to prioritize thrusting over cutting.

This particular Case Stiletto may not be the renowned V-42, but it was still a valuable asset during the war. It has a rich history of being used in clandestine operations, and its condition is a testament to its unique role as not being a standard utility “everyday” knife. The knife is in exceptional un-issued condition, with only minor signs of storage wear. It is "sterile," which means that it does not bear any markings that could give away its country of origin, ensuring that it could not be traced back to its owner in case it fell into enemy hands.

The knife's 7-inch double-edged spear point blade is a marvel to behold, with all the original grind marks still visible, indicating that it has never been sharpened. It is a true work of art and a tribute to the skilled craftsmen who created it.

The stacked leather washer grip is equally impressive, with a polished appearance that gives it a classic look. The black plastic pommel cap is a great finishing touch, adding to the knife's sleek and sophisticated design. Overall, this Case Stiletto is a remarkable piece of history that any enthusiast would be proud to own. The included leather scabbard is not an original period example and was added to the knife to complete the outward appearance.

A exceptional example ready for further research and display.

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