Original U.S. WWII Captain of Hard Luck 350th Bomb Squadron and Prisoner of War at Stalag Luft-1 Named Uniforms and Documents

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Original Item: This grouping took our breath away. Talk about a hero, get ready to learn about one. CAPTAIN JOHN S. GILES Jr, serial number 0753999 of the 350th Bombardment Group (H), completed thirty-two operational missions over enemy-occupied Europe, prior to becoming Missing-in-Action on September 11th, 1944.

Captain GILES was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart as well as the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters. Captain Giles achieved an outstanding record as a Pilot on a lead crew in a B-17 named HARD LUCK. After being shot down on the 11th of September 1944 he was taken as a prisoner of war and remained at Stalag Luft-1 until it was liberated in 1945.

Casualty Report from 1944-09-11 12:15

MACR: 08812 AIRCRAFT: 43-37863

TARGET: Ruhland, Germany TYPE: B-17G

BASE: Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk, England NAME: Aircraft name N/A



Destroyed by enemy fighters - crashed on the Goldenhoh near Kapfenberg, southeast of Wicca, Germany. The entire crew bailed out and were captured.

Mission Memories: "On our first or second mission we were attacked by fighter planes with Yellow Spinners. We found out later that these were the Abbyville Kids. Missions to BERLIN were the most harrowing. We called it "20 Minutes of Hell". The flak was so thick it seemed you could walk on it. Dropping supplies to the French underground were also interesting. On one trip I was flying with Eden Jones and were were flying wing to John Giles. When Giles dumped his load a parachute opened early and was hung up in the bomb bay. We thought the plane was going down but the bombardier cut the chute loose and all was well. July 29, 1944, on Merseburg, my career as a Bombardier ended. I had visions of completing my missions and going home but all that had to wait until the War was over."

32 Missions of Capt (Lt) Giles and his crew on the B-17 HARD LUCK:

1. 19/4/1944, LIPPSTADT

2. 20/4/1944, MARQUENVILLE

3. 22/4/1944, HAMM

4. 25/4/1944, DIJON

5. 26/4/1944, BRUNSWICK


7. 5/7/1944, BERLIN

8. 5/8/1944, BERLIN & LAGLACERIE



11. 5/13/1944, OSNABRUCK

12. 5/23/1944, TROYES

13. 5/31/1944, OSNABRUCK


15. 6/7/1944, NANTES (BRIDGES)

16 6/15/1944, MITBURG & WILSTER

17. 6/19/1944, CORME ECLUSE, AF

18. 6/20/1944, FALLERSLEBEN

19. 7/12/1944, MUNICH (IND. AREA)

20. 7/14/1944, SOUTH OF FRANCE

21. 7/17/1944, AUXERRE & MONTGOURNOY

22. 7/24/1944, ST LO (GND SUPPORT)

23. 7/25/1944, ST LO (GND SUPPORT)

24. 7/28/1944, MERSEBURG (Lt Lambert, CP)

25. 8/5/1944, MAGDEBURG (Lt Lambert CP)

26. 8/7/1944, BEAUTOR (BRIDGES)

27. 8/11/1944, VILLACOUBLAY

28. 8/13/1944, NANTES - GASSICOURT

29. 8/18/1944, PACY SUR ARMANCON

30. 8/25/1944, POLITZ (OIL)

31. 9/9/1944, DUSSELDORF

32. 9/11/1944, RUHLAND


"The group in which A/C 863 was flying was attacked by 50 to 70 enemy aircraft. The attack caused at least three of our aircraft to explode and most of the others appeared to be damaged, some were attacked again as stragglers. In a few minutes all but one disappeared beneath the undercast. Since none of them returned no account of the loss of specific aircraft is available. About half of them appeared to be under control as they disappeared into the undercast. Two chutes were seen before the aircraft disappeared, but from which one they came is undetermined,"

Included in the amazing grouping are the following:

• Ike jacket named GILES (faint) with 8th Army Air Force Patch, medal ribbon bar, Captains bars, metal wire embroidered wing insignia. etc.
• Standard Army Regulation wool shirt.
• Trousers, with sewn in label "John S. Giles Jr."
• Garrison cap, with WD marking (made in England).
• Khaki officer’s tunic clearly name J.S.GILES JR. dated 8/10/43
• Khaki shirt with Army Air Force shoulder patch and metal wire embroidered wing insignia.
• Multiple copies of original documents that include, Western Union Telegram to Giles wife notifying her that he went MISSING IN ACTION on September 11th, 1944. A letter to his wife from 9 December 1944 notifying her that he was moved to Prisoner of War camp Stalg Luft-1. 15 Word Free Sender Composition Priority Message to his wife that reads Every Thing Fine Don't worry I love you so much love. and much more including copies of photos, correspondence, etc…

This is an amazing grouping of a true hero from the Greatest generation. Purchased recently directly from the family.

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