Original U.S. WWII Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) Rigid Leather Scabbard by BOYT - Dated 1943

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. Dated 1943, this is a very rare original BAR WWII item: a top quality Leather hard case expressly constructed for the legendary Browning Automatic Rifle, complete with steel strengtheners and belt-hinged end cover. The scabbard is marked under the end cover:

- 43 -

These scabbards were apparently designed to be used with pack animals in the Pacific War and also used by Paratroops as Drop Cases. Extremely rare, in fact we have only had a few in our possession. Leather beautifully matured, and still retains its original russett leather finish. a high quality item in its day and even more so today. There is some loose stitching the on the lid of the case, which one could have corrected if one so desired.

All of the examples we have seen were made by the same company, Boyt Harness Company of Des Moines, Iowa. The Boyt Harness Company was founded in 1901 to manufacture leather saddles and harnesses, and quickly became known as the regional leader in quality products for the farmer and stockman. As word spread of the pride and craftsmanship with which Boyt products were made, the company was soon the standard bearer for leather products nationwide. They were a major military contractor during the war, making all variety of leather goods, such as holsters, scabbards, slings, etc.

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