Original U.S. WWII Boxed Recognition Miniature Model German Airplane Set 1:432 Scale - 14 Planes - by Cruver

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. During World War Two there was a mass of teaching materials used by the armed forces to train gunners and aircrew in the identification of aircraft, ships and ground vehicles. The ability of servicemen to identify "friend or foe" in an instant was crucial to combat survival and the subject of recognition was taught in just about every World War II service school.

These “recognition models” (also known as “ID” or “spotter” models) were seen as critical to the war effort. Some were detailed for use in educational films or for marking identification, but many were simply painted black to simulate a silhouette. These helped familiarize observers with the outlines of planes from all possible angles. Trained spotters were important to the war effort and to aid them plastic models were made.

When a large number of models or very big planes were to be modeled, a scale one-sixth of the standard size (1 :72) was created. The smaller scale model is 1 :432, some of which could be carried in one's pocket for instant reference. Cruver produced these beautiful, original (cellulose acetate) planes.

This is a set of 14 original WWII German planes in 1:432 is offered in very good condition. They come complete with the original contents list and the original padded box that they were received in. Each has the name of the plane embossed on it, though a magnifying glass may be needed to read them. Many have the "C in circle" logo of Cruver, but others do not have any logo, or it did not show up in the mold.

A great WWII identification set, ready to display!

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