Original U.S. WWII Bazooka M7A1 Practice Rocket by SIMCO - Dated 1943

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Original Item: Only One Available. Original 1943 dated M7A1 practice rocket for the U.S. WWII 2.36 inch Bazooka. The 2.36" rocket consists of a head, a stabilizer tube, and a finned tail. The head of the practice rocket is inert. The stabilizer tube is closed at the forward end by a plug, containing the fuze, which screws into the head. Practice rockets were painted black and marked in white. a. The 2.36" rockets are 21.6 inches long and weigh 3.5 pounds. This example is in excellent condition with original white stenciling that reads:

ROCKET.PRAC; A.T; M7 A1 LOT WC-30-2 10-43

Offered in excellent condition it unscrews to be three separate parts.

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