Original U.S. WWII B-17 Navigator Stalag Luft III POW Named Grouping - Captain Dare Ziemer

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a complete grouping named to Captain Dare D. Ziemer ASN 0674823 who was a Bombardier on a B-17 in the 708th Bomb Squadron, 447th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. On only his second mission, to Berlin, on April 29th, 1944 his plane was shot down by a German Me109 fighter. Moments before he was shot down he was credited with gunning down a German plane which is what lead to his Air Medal. He bailed out of the failed aircraft, and parachuted to the ground having sustain a shrapnel injury to his leg and lost his left shoe. Lt. Ziemer landed in a farm field and was attacked and beaten by German civilians using farm tools only to be rescued by two German officers who happened to be driving by. They transported him to a nearby airfield which began more than a year as a POW. He spent the majority of his time in Stalag Luft III. Captain Ziemer wrote a book about his experience during World War Two which was published in 2011. it is titled DOWN, BUT NOT OUT Dare Ziemer's Reluctant Visit to the Third Reich, a copy of which is included in this incredible grouping.

Captain Dare D. Ziemer, 123 West 10th, Hutchinson, Kansas - Born Yale, Oklahoma
Service Record

I entered the service from Chicago, Illinois the 29th of March 1941 and was sent to Camp Forrest, Tennessee. Was in 1214th Field Artillery, 33rd Division, during April 1941. Then transferred to 181st Combat Engineers, 33rd Division, until April 1942. While in this branch I was a corporal, my duties being an instructor of Combat Engineers Tactics, driver of an army half-track reconn. vehicle.

I entered the Army Air Corps. in April 1942 going to Ellington Field, Houston, Texas and finally to Midland, Texas where I graduated as a Bombardier and awarded a commission as a 2nd Lt. on March 11, 1943. From there I was sent to San Marcos, Texas where I took a course as a Celestrial Navigator finishing in September 1943. I took Combat Training on a B-17 at Drew Field, Tampa, Florida and then to Savannah, Georgia for Staging prior to over-seas duty.

I arrived in England April 6, 1944 and became a member of the 447th Bomb Group, 708th Squadron, in the 8th Air Force. Flew first mission April 24, to Friedrich-shafen, Germany. Second mission April 29, to Berlin, Germany and was shot down on Bomb-run by German Fighters. Was taken prisoner by Germans and remained prisoner until May 8, 1945.

Upon return to United States on May 29, 1945 I received leave and after that was sent to San Antonio, Texas and then to Amarillo, Texas where I received my discharge on December, 2Q, 1945 remaining on reserve status as 1st Lieutenant in the Army Air Force.

Wounds sustained: Flak in left leg, frozen feet, head injuries, injury to left thumb. No
chronic aliment from same.

Decorations : Purple Heart, Air Medal, ETO with two combat stars.

Included in this group are the following items:
- Original U.S. WWII Khaki uniform with sterling silver Bombardier wings.
- Original Dog Tag
- Original Stalag Luft 3 Dog Tag
- Original WWII Identification Cards
- Original Letter from Leslie Irvin inventor of the Irvin parachute sending Lt. Ziemer his Caterpillar club card.
- Original U.S. WWII Khaki crush visor cap.
- Original U.S. WWII Green crush visor cap.
- Binder full of hundreds of original wartime and post war documents such as Caterpillar Club Certificate with parachute pin, Air Medal Certificate, Purple Heart report, multiple original wartime newspaper clipping about his disappearance, capture and release. Telegrams, letters, Prisoner of War Post letters, dozens of original photos and SO MUCH MORE.
- HELL FROM HEAVEN 1943-44 Bombardier school year book with photo of Ziemer.
- DOWN, BUT NOT OUT Dare Ziemer's Reluctant Visit to the Third Reich
- So Much More!

This is one of the best documented groupings we have ever offered. The book Ziemer wrote is a fascinating read and will cause you to place the grouping at the very center of your collections. It is astounding.
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