Original U.S. WWII Army Size 9 1/2 EE Ski Boots Type 1

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Pair Available. This is a good condition pair of 1941 Type 1 Army Ski Boots in size 9 1/2 EE.

Over the course of two years the U.S. Army ski and mountain boot evolved from a cloned civilian ski boot unsuitable for military use to a multipurpose boot that could be used for skiing, climbing, and hiking. The Army created four basic patterns during the war and two of them had two variations. The identification system shown below (Type 1, Type II, etc.) is my own system for conveniently differentiating the patterns. The Army didn't identify the different patterns by type. They just changed the name to reflect the changing role. The names shown below in italics are the official Quartermaster names for that pattern boot.

Each boot came from the factory marked with the maker's name, the purchasing depot's name, the boot size, the contract date, and the contract number stamped inside the boot on the fleshy side of the leather. Occasionally, the depot inspector's stamp can be found inside the boot, as well as the specification number.

The Army's first ski boot was adopted in May 1941 and was based on Tentative Specification BQD 31. The boot was patterned after the typical pre-war civilian ski boot.
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