Original U.S. WWII Army Signal Corps Radio Receiver R-100/URR - Dated 1945

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Radio Receiver R-100/URR called the "Morale Builder", designed for entertaining and maintaining morale of troops. Reception of voice-modulated signals in the broadcast band 0.54-1.5 MHz and two HF bands 3.6-8.5 MHz and 8.5-19 MHz. Manufactured in the US by Zenith, Majestic and Espey. Many sets were made in Europe in 1945 and later.

This excellent example features two numbers contract numbers. The first is blocked out by an ink stamp it is an older contract 17758-Phila-45-03. We assumed this is a Zenith order number and then there is a second ink stamped number that reads:


Serial No 688

The front of the case is also marked 29064-Phila-45-03 along with Radio Receiver R-100/URR. The rear panel opens with little effort to reveal a complete interior and instruction data plate. Original power cord is still present but we have not tested it for fear of damage. However, we see no visible reason that prevents this radio from functioning.

It measures 11 1/2" tall x 17" wide x 9" deep. It still retains the original green crinkle paint, original knobs, etc.. Overall in very good condition, it even has original Military Production electron tubes from makers such as JAN and RCA!

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