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Original U.S. WWII Army Signal Corps AN/PRS-1 Mine Detector Set - Dated 1944

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Original Item: Only One Set Available. Excellent condition 1944 dated U.S. Army Signal Corps mine detector set AN/PRS-1. It comes in the original chest that measures 28 x 15 x 9 1/2 inches. The AN/PRS-1 mine detector is a late WWII metallic and non-metallic mine detector. It used a 280 to 320 Mhz signal to detect non-uniformities in the ground. According to the technical manual, TM11-1151, it is meant to detect anti-tank mines buried less than 7.5 inches below ground.

The complete AN-PRS-1 set consists of
- CY-90/PRS-1 Carrying Case dated 1944
- AM-32/PRS-1 Amplifier Assembly
- Detector Head Assembly DT-5 (including antenna parts)
- 2 Explorer Rod Extensions MX 125
- Resonator M-356 / Plug PL-54
- Headset HS-30 / Transformer C-410 / Plug PL-54
- 3 Everready 45 V Batteries
- 1 Everready 6 V Heating Battery
- TM11-1151 War Department Technical Manual dated 15.4.1944

According to Technical Manual TM11-1151 it is meant to detect anti-tank mines that are buried less than 7,5 inch below ground.

The transmitter operates at a frequency of 280-320 MHz.

Order No: 1348-MPD-44 Signal Corp.

We do not know if this unit is operational and it is not sold as such. We believe it to be complete but could be missing minor parts, please review the photos for what is included.

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