Original U.S. WWII Army Airborne Signal Lamp M-227 - Fully Functional

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Original Item: Only One available. This is a FUNCTIONAL World War Two issue M-227 signal lamp. This is a battery powered signaling lamp as issued to Airborne units for communication ground to ground, or ground to air. This model was original created for USAAF use, to signal from aircraft to aircraft in flight or on the ground, and from ground personnel on an airfield to aircraft, either on the ground or aloft. They were used in lieu of radio or to supplement radio traffic. They had a trigger to facilitate Morse code or pre-arranged codes. Most frequently, Troop Carriers used them to direct marshalling and power-up and "go" signals. Under radio silence, planes used them to signal between each other with simple messages, i.e. "open up formation", "nearing IP -- 5 minutes". Photo documentation also shows them used at the D-Day landing in Normandy by the Navy's 2nd Beach Battalion signalmen on Utah Beach. This example only includes the lamp as seen in the photos and not the entire equipment set, it is offered in very good functional condition.
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