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Original U.S. WWII Army Air Forces USAAF Sterling Pilot Wing Set of 3 - Glider, Liaison, Service

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a set of three World War Two American pilot wings as follows:

- Original U.S. WWII Army Air Forces USAAF Liaison Pilot Wings Marked Sterling. Measures 3" Wide. Clutch Back.

- Original U.S. WWII Army Air Forces USAAF Glider Pilot Wings Marked Sterling Measures 3" Wide. Clutch Back.

- Original U.S. WWII Army Air Forces USAAF Service Pilot Wings Engraved marked Sterling and Engraved Love Tini Aug 4th 1944. Measures 3" Wide. Pin Back.

Nothing symbolizes a flying person more than his or her pair of wings, whether the wing be constructed from cloth, plastic or metal. A wing identifies a person as a individual trained in airmanship to a specific level of expertise, and is usually awarded to the trainee pilot on successful completion of their exams and first solo flight.

Most individuals awarded a pair of wings cherish them as they represent an accomplishment or milestone in the person's life. It's this human involvement and sense of accomplishment, encapsulating: adventure, excitement and romance that creates a portal into the golden years of aviation, that sparks an interest to collect aviation wings.

Aviator wings are symbolic of a specific job performed by an individual; the style of wing indicating which job. The US Army Airforce (USAAF or AAF) during the Second World War required wings to be produced for several standard aircrew functions: pilot, engineer, air gunner, navigator, bombardier and observer. Sub variants of these wings were also produced to be issued to: glider pilots, balloon pilots, liaison pilots, technical observers, flight nurses and flight surgeons.

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