Original U.S. WWII Army Air Forces USAAF Senior Service Pilot Wings by Meyer - SILVORE (Not Silver)

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very good condition U.S. WWII Army Air Forces Senior "Service Pilot" Flight Badge, usually called "Wings". There were a multitude of different manufactures of the various flight badges, and many did not mark the badges made. These are unmarked but are typical production of MEYER NEW YORK and they are not made from silver but SILVORE which was a less expensive way for Meyer to sell wings to servicemen on a budget. What is interesting is that Silvore wings are much more rare than Sterling Silver wings and many fewer were produced.

The large S on a shield in the middle of the badge indicates that it is for a "Service Pilot", who performed non-combat flying duties, including instruction, outside the theaters of operation. The "Star" above the shield indicates that they were a "Senior" level pilot, so they had been a pilot for 7 years. These measure approximately 3" x 1 1/4".

These wings are in great shape, and still mostly bright, with all the original detail, but missing the pin. Ready to display!

Nothing symbolizes a flying person more than his or her pair of wings, whether the wing be constructed from cloth, plastic or metal. A wing identifies a person as a individual trained in airmanship to a specific level of expertise, and is usually awarded to the trainee pilot on successful completion of their exams and first solo flight.

Most individuals awarded a pair of wings cherish them as they represent an accomplishment or milestone in the person's life. It's this human involvement and sense of accomplishment, encapsulating: adventure, excitement and romance that creates a portal into the golden years of aviation, that sparks an interest to collect aviation wings.

Aviator wings are symbolic of a specific job performed by an individual; the style of wing indicating which job. The US Army Airforce (USAAF or AAF) during the Second World War required wings to be produced for several standard aircrew functions: pilot, engineer, air gunner, navigator, bombardier and observer. Sub variants of these wings were also produced to be issued to: glider pilots, balloon pilots, liaison pilots, technical observers, flight nurses and flight surgeons.

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