Original U.S WWII Army Air Forces AN-M41A1 20 lb. Aerial Fragmentation Bomb with AN-M110A1 Fuze - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This bomb is totally inert and deactivated following guidelines provided by the ATF. This example is offered in excellent condition with original markings and paint. It cannot be converted to an explosive devise and is not available for export.

This is a wonderful example of a U.S. WWII Army Air Forces deactivated AN-M41A1 fragmentation anti-personnel bomb, complete with the original tail and AN-M110A1 fuze. These were used against German and Japanese fixed fighting positions and exposed ground troops during the war. The design employs a unique spiral shrapnel design with a "spinning" propeller fuze, which arms the bomb during descent. It features both body and fin position rack loops for use in clusters or single mountings on close-combat aircraft.

The bomb still has the original red brown paint, and has paint stenciled markings on the side:

20 LB. AN-M41A1

The nose fuze also has the correct markings on the side:


Overall it measures 22 1/2 inches long and just over 5 inches wide. Condition is very good, and both the fuze and tail fin assembly can still be removed easily. The fuze also still has the collar to prevent the fuze plunger from being pushed in accidentally.

A really great example, ready to add to your collection and display!

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