Original U.S. WWII Army Air Force Aviator Flight Set - B-6 Helmet, A-14 Oxygen Mask and A-N 6530 Goggles

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. The Army Air Forces was formed in 1941, from the Army Air Corps, in response to the growing structure and mission that Army aviators were playing and the need for a more independent command structure. When created, several other nations had already adopted independent air forces but the United States made the decision to leave aviators as a part of the Army.
The Army Air Forces was born in one of the biggest steps toward an independent Air Force. With the threat of war looming, the aviation branch underwent a massive reorganization and the Army Air Forces was given control over all of Army aviation under the direct orders of then-Chief of Staff Gen. George C. Marshall.
At the Air Corps' height, it had more than 2.4 million people and 80,000 aircraft in service and flew more than 2.3 million missions during World War II.
This amazing set consists of the following items:

- Original WWII USAAF B-6 Winter Flying Helmet - Size Medium: Standardized on 15 September 1941 these helmets saw widespread use and this example is in excellent condition. The brown finished shearling leather is soft with no extensive damage. It is fitted with correct hooks for use with A-9 and A-10 oxygen masks as well as the later snaps for use with the A-10R or A-10A masks. It comes fully wired with R-14 receivers fitted with correct Y loom and PL-54 jack plug. Inside is shearling lined and fitted with nice USAAF label that indicates a 1942 contract date. This pattern was replaced in 1943 by the AN-H-16. Excellent condition - hard to find a nicer example.
- Original WWII USAAF Type A-14 Oxygen Mask Dated June 1945: A-14 US Army Air Force regulation flying oxygen mask. Size MEDIUM. Dated 06/45. Made by OHIO CHEMICAL Co. Standardized on July 1943 this mask was issued to Army Air Force, Navy and USMC pilots during WWII.
- Green Tinted A-N 6530 Goggles: AN-6530 Goggles were produced during World War II as eye protection for United States Army and Navy flight crews. In 1943, the AN-6530 design replaced as standard the nearly identical USAAF B-7 goggle produced by Chas Fischer Spring Company of Brooklyn, New York. Contracts for AN-6530 goggles were awarded to Chas Fischer Spring Co. and American Optical.
The AN-6530's frame is nickel-plated brass and steel. Construction consists of stamped and milled pieces, soldered together. Milled brass pieces form the bridge and ferrule/strap lugs, and pieces of stamped sheet steel form the frame to hold the facepad and lenses. The ferrule / strap lugs are split lengthwise to facilitate removal and insertion of the lenses and rubber facepad. The lugs are secured closed by a salt-blued or parkerized and knurled carbon steel ferrule.
All items are in lovely condition and would display wonderfully alongside other USAAF collections. Comes more than ready for display!
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