Original U.S. WWII Army Air Force Aviator Flight Set - AN6530 Clear Goggles, AN-H-15 Helmet, R-14 Receivers

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. Purchased from the family of a WW2 veteran, this amazing set, in wonderful condition is comprised of the following items-

- WWII Pilot Goggles, model A-N 6530 offered in very good condition with untinted clear lenses. These really are in good shape, with great elastic and rubber fittings, however the right glass lens is cracked right across the middle vertically. There is no maker mark, but the lenses are marked O over an interlocked OV.

- WWII USAAF Khaki Summer weight flight helmet type AN-H-15 made by SOCIETY BRAND HAT CO. Size MEDIUM offered in very good condition. The helmet does not appear to have been work much, if at all. Chin strap is intact and excellent. The only real detraction is that verdigris buildup has caused several of the snaps to separate.

- WWII US Army Signal Corps Type R-14 Receiver Headphones by KELLOGG S.&S. CO. in very good condition, installed into the helmet. We have no way to verify functionality, but they look to be in good shape. While designed for the Signal Corps, they were often also used by the USAAF.

An incredible excellent condition U.S. Army Air Force leather flying helmet set set that will not be encountered again! Ready to display!

The AN-H-15 helmet was introduced as the standard summer or light weight for the Army Air Force and Navy on April 23, 1943. It served as the replacement for the Type A-9 flying helmet. It was the first flying helmet designed under the joint Army/Navy procurement program. It is able to interface with various different headphone receivers. The helmet featured improved noise protection ear cups, making it easier for the pilot to hear the headphones.

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