Original U.S. WWII Army Air Force Aviator Flight Helmet Set - AN6530 Goggles, A-14 Mask, AN-H-15 Helmet

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. Purchased from the family of a WW2 veteran, this amazing set, in wonderful condition is comprised of the following items-

- WWII Pilot Goggles, model ANG6530 offered in fair condition with clear tint lenses. The foam has separated from the frames but can be easily glued back together. All contained in an American Optical Company aluminum case.

- WWII USAAF Summer flight helmet type AN-H-15 made by BATES SHOE COMPANY Inc Size Medium offered in excellent condition.

- WWII USAAF Oxygen Mask Type A-14 manufactured by the Ohio Chemical Mfg. Co. offered in fair condition.

An incredible excellent condition U.S. Army Air Force leather flying helmet set set that will not be encountered again!

The AN-H-15 helmet was introduced as the standard summer or light weight for the Army Air Force and Navy on April 23, 1943. It served as the replacement for the Type A-9 flying helmet. It was the first flying helmet designed under the joint Army/Navy procurement program. It is able to interface with various different headphone receivers. The helmet featured improved noise protection ear cups, making it easier for the pilot to hear the headphones.

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