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Original U.S. WWII Army Air Force A-9A Leather Flying Mitten Gloves - Medium Size

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One set Available. Genuine Vintage WWII cold weather lambskin flight mittens with trigger finger. Condition of these gloves is very good. The natural finished leather is supple with no major stains, cracks or open stitching. There is some wear on the outside, so these did see some use. Size is listed on medium on the tag of each glove.

The lining is the lushest curly bright white lamb's wool that we have seen in these gloves. Based on the small amount of wear and discoloration, these gloves can't have been worn more than a few times and then stored for years.

Original USAAF tags are still present with names written on them, indicating they were issued. Both are made by CROCETTA BROS. & CO, INC. as indicated on the contract label, along with the contract information.  You will never find a warmer glove to fight off the bitter cold.

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