Original U.S. WWII Army Air Corps Type E-17 Emergency Sustenance Kit in Carrier

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Officially known as United States Army Air Force "Kit, Emergency Sustenance, Type E-17". Colloquially called a 'personal aid' kit this contained escape and evasion equipment/food in two separate waterproof ethyl cellulose plastic flasks designed to fit into a small olive drab canvas pouch separated by an Emergency Signaling Mirror/1 signal mirror (ESM/1). A list of the components and directions for use is printed on the side of each container. Contents were broadly packed in two categories - 'general' and 'medical'.

The general kit originally contained 3 x bars of chocolate; 2 x packets of bouillon powder; chewing gum; 10 x double edged razor blades; fishing hooks and line; leader; a small compass; sewing kit; hacksaw blade; condoms; sharpening stone and some matches in a cylindrical plastic case. While this kit appears to be mostly complete we have not opened it to do a full assessment, and there is some deterioration evident. We would expect that the chocolate was removed long ago, or else it would have melted all over.

The medical kit contains sulfanguanidine; halazone water purification tablets; atabrine; salt tablets; benzedrine; sulfadiazine; adhesive compress; sulfanilimide; a tooth brush; adhesive tape; iodine; tweezers; opthalmic ointment and eye ointment. The contents would appear to be complete (as far we can tell), but have definitely broken out of some of the containers. We have not done a full assessment to avoid further damage to the contents.

Both flasks have some wear, discoloration and distortion but remain in good overall condition. The medical kit is missing the rubber washer around the top vent.

The ESM/1 mirror is unfortunately missing.

The canvas pouch is in very good condition.

A very nice nearly complete USAAF survival item from WWII!

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