Original U.S. WWII Anti-Axis "FATSO RATSO JAPSO" Propaganda Poster - "ONE OUT - TWO TO GO!" - 15 1/4" x 18"

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wonderful piece of U.S. Anti-Axis propaganda, one of many designed during the war. It features caricatures of axis leaders Mussolini, A H, and Tojo, labled as FATSO, RATSO, and JAPSO. This image first appeared as part of a WWII rationing poster from Schenley Distillers, with the caption "BLAME THEM... FOR HIGHER PRICES AND SHORTAGES!", usually seen as a cardboard standee. These were most likely seen on store countertops, hoping to deflect any anger regarding prices and scarcity towards the leaders of the Axis Powers.

After the 1943 Allied Victory in the North Africa Campaign, the Allies next landed in Sicily during July 1943, at which point the Italian Army was close to collapse. Rome was also the target of an Allied Bombing raid, which led to a vote of "no confidence" in Mussolini by the Grand Council, and the next day was summoned before Italian King Victor Emmanuel, and removed from his position. He was then arrested and hidden, to avoid rescue by German forces. In September 1943, the Government of Italy signed an Armistice with the Allies, which threw the country into chaos. Mussolini was later rescued by Germany, but by that point Italy had simply become a battleground for German Troops and the Italian troops that stayed loyal to the Axis alliance.

This resulted in a new version of the propaganda message being made, with the same caricatures, however now with a big white "X" over Mussolini and a new message:


Lower right Corner:

Compliments of

The lower left corner reads PO. 5610 (LOGO) Litho in U.S.A.. We tried to read the logo with a 16X magnifier, but it is unfortunately too small to read.

Poster measures 15 1/4" x 18", and is offered in very good condition. There is some loss of finish around the edges, as well as some overall age toning, but it really has withstood time wonderfully. These posters are extremely rare, as they only seem to have been distributed in the areas where Schenley products were distributed.

A great piece of WWII propaganda, ready to display!

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