Original U.S. WWII American Homefront “Direct Hit” Eagle Bombsight Boardgame by Northwestern Products Company

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. During WWII, images of war permeated almost every aspect of children’s lives, through toys, puzzles, comic books, cartoons, film, and radio. While government propaganda campaigns targeted adults to foster patriotism and elicit support for the war effort, toys and other items ensured the war stayed present in the lives of children. By playing with a toy that reflected the war effort, children participated in something that otherwise would have excluded them, therefore claiming a valid place in the country's collective identity as patriots.

This World War II-era "Eagle Bombsight" toy consists of a 9" x 4 1/4" x 2 1/4" paperboard fitted with an angled mirror behind two viewports, allowing a viewer to locate targets below on the 16” x 19” board that shows a city with numbers on buildings and other manmade features. The far end of the bombsight box is fitted with a "bomb rack", consisting of four holes containing painted wood "bombs" with cardboard fins and pins at the nose. The "bombs" are retained by four wooden pegs, and are released on the "target" when the pegs are pulled. No instructions are included with the game, but we are certain that you should be able to find one online!

A lovely example of a WWII US Homefront boardgame that comes more than ready for further research, display and play!

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