Original U.S. WWII Airborne Aerial Delivery 1945 Yellow Parachute G-1 Canopy - A-5 Container - Identification Lamp - Signal Panel

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an incredible piece of American World War Two Airborne history. A WW2 dated Aerial delivery parachute canopy for Gasoline (yellow) along with an WWII A-5 container, WWII Lamp Assembly Identification with amber/yellow lenses and a WWII AL-140 Signal panel.

- G-1 Yellow Parachute canopy is constructed of rayon and dated January 10, 1945 and manufactured by the RELIANCE MFG Co. G-1 canopy is 24 feet and constructed with 20 panels. It does not have riser lines.

- WW2 A-5 Aerial Delivery Container which consist of two padded bags and a two-piece outside cover made from several rifle jump cases sewn together. Also included is a padded shock absorber and an  padded weapons blanket roll in very good condition.

- WW2 Type A-1 Lamp Assembly Identification, Aerial Delivery Container. A lamp that was automatically turned on as the parachute opened, and that assisted with locating containers on the ground during night drops. The Type A-1 Lamp was used to mark the Container Aerial Delivery U.S WWII A-1 Aerial Delivery Containers Different Colored Identification Lamp Assembly, two unused ties to attach it to an aerial delivery container such as an A-4 or A-5. The fiber insulator and cord which was attached in such a way as to turn the light on when released from the Douglas C-47 Sky-train Aircraft. In this way the lamp that was automatically turned on as the parachute canopy opened and deployed, and that assisted with locating the cargo containers on the ground during night drops for the Troops as Re-Supplies. They were used by the 1st Allied Airborne U.S Army, 82nd Airborne Division, 101st Airborne Division, 17th Airborne Division and British Airborne Units These where used with different Colored Parachute Canopy's depending on the Re-Supplies they were using with the Drop Containers Drop Bags.A5 during night deployments. The light aided the paratroopers to find and identify the equipment on the ground.

Red lights were used for ammunition.
Amber / Yellow lights were used for Gasoline.
Green lights were used for rations and water.
White lights were used for medical material.
Blue lights were used for radio material.

-WW2 Al-140 signal panel, double sided, white and red/orange. Several panels were used to spell out symbols for aerial liaison. The panels could be staked to the ground or attached to vehicles with tapes.

Overall an incredibly rare and very important part of Airborne history! Will make an incredible display!
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