Original U.S. WWII 81mm Mortar Trench Art Lamp With German M40 Helmet Shell Lamp Shade - Functional

Item Description

Original Item: One-Of-A-Kind. This is an extremely attractive trench art lamp constructed out of an INERT 81mm Mortar Round. The round is completely inert and is in compliance with the BATF standards on ordnance.

Not Available For Export

The lamp features a lovely gold painted 81mm mortar round inverted on a wood base with a felt bottom. During the process of the Soldier making the lamp, all marking have been lost from coats of paint and the round cannot be dated unless stripped of the paint, which we did not want to do. The fins are marked with an IA. The lampshade that is being used is a genuine German M40 Helmet shell marked SE62. The shell is in lovely condition and is without any damage, other than the hole in the top to secure it to the wire frame.

The lamp stands at approximately 24” tall with a 6” base. The lamp has been tested and is fully functioning, no lightbulb is included.

Comes ready to display!

Nothing better captures the nature of human experience than the art chosen to depict it. Few human experiences are more dramatic than war, and this art by soldiers in an American division in World War II is particularly compelling. They answered their nation's call and gave their all on the battlefields of Europe, with unwavering loyalty to their comrades as their finest attribute. The men of these American Divisions fought to liberate Italy and other European countries from the evils of Fascism. The battle was hard and the price was high, both for the soldiers and for the countryside over which they fought.

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