Original U.S. WWII 7th Infantry Division Military Police Named Grouping

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind Set. Elmer Truax was a member of the 7th infantry division, 32 infantry regiment, K company. He began the war stationed at Fort Ord, California and was an MP, later he was in the Pacific Campaign involved in the assault of assaulted Kwajalein Island and in 1945 Okinawa. This wonderful grouping includes the following:

• Original WWII Class A Uniform Tunic (stamped K0176) complete with:
• 7th Infantry Division Shoulder Patch
• 32nd Regiment lapel pin
• K company under crossed rifles lapel pin
• 32nd infantry division insignia coat of arms enameled pins
• Original brass MP whistle by N.S. MEYER Inc, NY
• Button on left sleeve for MP Arm Band
• Original Blue/White Wool MP Arm Band
• Original WWII Class A Uniform trousers (stamped K0176)
• 3 x Black MP neck ties
• Original WWII Peaked Visor Hat size 7 1/8
• 2 x framed photos of Elmer Truax wearing this very uniform!
• 3 x Kodak film bags of photos

Genuine WWI Military Police groupings a extremely rare and hard to come by, this is a wonderful set complete with photos of the MP in his uniform during the War.

History of the 7th Infantry Division, 32 Infantry Regiment in World War II:

The 2nd Battalion was reactivated in October, 1939, by the transfer of men from units of the 7th Infantry Division, and on 1 July 1940, the remainder of the regiment was reactivated as a part of the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Ord, California. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the 32nd was moved into defensive positions along the West Coast.

As the job became apparent, the troops began intensive training as a motorized unit at Camp San Luis Obispo, California. Vast maneuvers were held in the Mojave Desert to prepare the 32nd for participation in the defeat of the German Afrika Korps, led by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. A change in Allied strategy, however, turned the 32nd overnight toward a role of amphibious assaults from the Aleutian Islands to tropical jungle islands.

Rushed to the Aleutians in the spring of 1943, after the Japanese had landed on Attu Island, the regiment played a major role in retaking American territory. It was on the Aleutian Islands that Private Joe P. Martinez, Company I, earned the Medal of Honor. Seeing his unit pinned down by enemy fire, Private Martinez single-handedly charged the enemy emplacement and destroyed it. While rallying the men he was mortally wounded.

For actions on the Attu Island, "E", "I", and "K" companies of the 32nd received Distinguished Unit Citations.

After their baptism of fire in the Aleutian campaign, the 32nd Regiment sailed to Hawaii for intensive training that emphasized amphibious landings and jungle fighting.

On 1 February 1944, the 32nd Regiment assaulted Kwajalein Island. During five days of fighting, the 32nd, along with the 184th Infantry Regiment, eliminated all the enemy personnel on the island, with the exception of a few exhausted Japanese who surrendered.

The regiment returned to Hawaii on 14 February where it went through additional intensified jungle training for an expected invasion of the Yap Island. Arriving at Eniwetok Atoll on 25 September 1944, the regiment's orders were changed and the 32nd joined General Douglas MacArthur's forces, spearheading the first landings on Leyte Island, Philippines. Fighting in swamps, tropical jungles, and over rugged mountains, the 7th Infantry Division battled over 37 miles (60 kilometers) in 60 days of the bitterest fighting in the Pacific.

The regiment's last campaign of World War II started 1 April 1945 with the landings at Okinawa. During this battle, the 32nd won the nickname "Spearhead" because of its continuous attacks against the enemy. After only three days of rest after the fighting on Okinawa, the 32nd embarked for Korea to receive the surrender of all the Japanese troops south of the 38th parallel. During its campaigns through the Pacific, the 32nd Infantry Regiment traveled 16,910 miles.

During the regiment's occupation stay in Korea, infantrymen obtained a preview of their future tour in the Korean War. Units of the 32nd rotated on outpost positions along the 38th Parallel. The troops formed a tight perimeter against southbound guerrilla bands and were assigned the mission of eliminating the wholesale movement of black market goods across the boundary.

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