Original U.S. WWII 4th Marines USMC and China Marine Medal - Photo - Document Named Grouping

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. Master Sergeant Alex Preston Marine Corps serial number 218071 from Santa Maria California served as a China Marine before World War Two then fought in four major campaigns in the Pacific theater during WW2. This collection of medals, insignia, photo albums and documents belonged to him and document his service with the United State Marine Corps. Included in this set are the following:

- Named Engraved 1932 Battle of Soochow Creek medal named to Alex Preston. The Soochow Creek Medal actually covers several varieties, but all relate to the US presence in Shanghai when the conflict between China and Japan was brewing. Soochow Creek was a main waterway through Shanghai. The medal was the creation of a member of the 4th Marines in Shanghai in 1932. They were locally-made, bronze or gilt, on yellow ribbons with a brown stripe in the center, and with or without top bars. There is also a 1937 version.

The pendant depicts a coolie pushing a honey wagon. The reverse is inscribed
Presented to
Alex Preston
For Bravery and Valor
Battle of Soochow
Shanghai 1932

The medals were very unofficial, but came with a certificate. They could be bought for $2.00 through the 4th Marines regimental newspaper offices. Scarce in the market, especially complete. The documents are even rarer. Their popularity springs from the "China Marine" connection.

- Original WWI USMC Good Conduct Medal engraved on the medal:
No. 95663
Alex Preston
1st Enlistment

- Hang Chow Houseboat Expedition Medal with Royal Scots clasp. This is a China service "spoof" medal from the 1930's. It's a cousin to the more famous SooChow Creek Medal "awarded" to Marines & Sailors in 1932, 1937 and 1940. It is also in the same family as the Yangtze Barrier Medal "awarded" to gun boat sailors in the 30's as well. The "Hangchow Houseboat Expedition". Involved a tour on a Chinese Houseboat from Shanghai down the SooChow Creek to SooChow, down to Huchow by canal to Hanchow, with a side trip to Haining to see the "Hangchow Bore" (?) then up the canal to Kashing, on to the Whangpo River returning to Shanghai. It does not appear that the "Expedition" was military in nature, nor do we know how long it took. But participants "earned" the right to a medal. The medal is well struck. The obverse displays the legend "Hang Chow House Boat Expedition" and depicts three Chinese junks under sail. In the lower right 5 o'clock position can be seen a military figure next to an American flag with a pagoda in the background. The reverse bears the legend, "For Service in Interior China" over 2 stars. Note that it has the same yellow & brown-striped ribbon of the SooChow Creek medals which is suspended from a common pin. The ribbon also has a Royal Scots clasp, we don't know why.

- Original 1930 Yangtze Service Medal with rim number No. 2864. The is Yangtze Service Medal decoration of the United States military which was created in 1930 for presentation to members of the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps (and to a lesser extent, members of the United States Army). The Yangtze Service Medal is awarded for service in the Yangtze River Valley between the dates of September 3, 1926 and December 31, 1932, a period of significant unrest in the region. The decoration may also be awarded for those military service members who served on permanent duty in Shanghai, China, provided such service was in direct support of landing operations in the Yangtze River Valley (e.g. Nanking incident of 1927). The Yangtze Service Medal was declared obsolete in 1940 when it was replaced by the China Service Medal.

- Chinese identification book with photo.

- Original WWII dog tags named to A. Preston 218071

- 4th Marines patch

- WWII Medal ribbon bar.

- A. Preston Name Tag

- Multiple WWII medals.

- 2  original photos albums and much much more!

A very rare 4th Marines grouping from a soldier that served before and during World War Two in the Pacific Theatre and China.

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