Original U.S. WWII 45th Infantry Division Bronze Star, Medal, Insignia and Bringback Lot - 17 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 17 Available. The 45th Infantry Division was an infantry division of the United States Army, most associated with the Oklahoma Army National Guard, from 1920 to 1968. Headquartered for most of its history in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the guardsmen fought in both World War II and the Korean War.

The 45th Infantry Division guardsmen saw no major action until they became one of the first National Guard units activated in World War II in 1941. They took part in intense fighting during the invasion of Sicily and the attack on Salerno in the 1943 Italian Campaign. Slowly advancing through Italy, they fought in Anzio and the Beachhead breakout to the capture of Rome. After landing in France during Operation Dragoon, they joined the 1945 drive into Germany that ended the War in Europe.

On Sunday, April 29th, 1945, the 3rd Battalion of the 157th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Infantry Division liberated the CC Camp concentration camp, near Munich, Germany.

The Items Featured In This Lot:
- 1st Variant 45th ID “Swas” Patch: The division's original shoulder sleeve insignia, approved in August 1924, featured a swas, a common Native American symbol, as a tribute to the Southwestern United States region which had a large population of Native Americans. However, with the rise of the NSDAP Party in Germany, with its infamous swas symbol, the 45th Division stopped using the insignia. After a long process of reviewing design submissions, a design by Woody Big Bow, a Kiowa artist from Carnegie, Oklahoma, was chosen for the new shoulder sleeve insignia. The new insignia featured the Thunderbird, another Native American symbol, and was approved in 1939.

- 7th Army Patch (Uniform removed): The 7th Army patch was worn from 23 June 1943 to Present. The United States Seventh Army was activated at sea in July 1943 off the coast of Sicily. Upon landing in Sicily, it became the first field army to see combat in World War II. The colors blue, yellow and red allude to the three basic arms, Armor, Artillery and Infantry. The pyramidal figure is of a distinctive form with the symbolic letter "A" representing the first letter of the word "Army" while the seven steps on each side represent the unit's numerical designation. The insignia was authorized on 23 Jun 1943.

- Army Signal Corps TL-29 Utica Kutmaster Pocket Knife: The TL-29 folding pocket knife is one of the most ubiquitous knives of World War 2. Despite not having the household name recognition, like that of the Ka-Bar, the TL-29 is undoubtedly one of the most sought after and most popular knives of World War 2. Following WW2, surpluses of these knives found their way into the hands of many handyman toolboxes.

- X4 Medals and Ribbons: The medals include a WWII Victory Medal and an Army Good Conduct Medal. The ribbons are an EAME ribbon and Army Good Conduct Ribbon. All 4 are complete with age toning and minor staining present.

- X2 Matchbooks: The matchbooks include an empty Victory Bonds “Minuteman” small matchbook without matches and the larger of the two is a US Army matchbook with matches.

- Uniform Devices: The devices include a sterling marked Combat Infantryman’s Badge with 1 of the prongs broken on the reverse, the other is a pin back “US” collar disc.

- X2 Currency Bills: The smaller bill is for 5 Francs from French Algeria and dated 1942. The larger 100 Lire bill was issued in Italy and is an Allied Military Currency bill dated 1943. Allied Military Currency ("AMC") was a form of currency issued by the Allied powers during World War II, to be issued to troops entering liberated or newly occupied countries, as a form of currency control.

- Sweetheart Souvenir Bracelet: The bracelet is made out of what appears to be silver plated brass. The center piece has a horizon scene with two mountains and the words NAPLES / ANZIO-CASSINO / 1945 beneath it. There are 3 engraved links on each side that read from left to right as SICILY, SIENA, PISA, CASSINO, AFRICA, ANZIO. The bracelet is complete and is still able to be latched together for wear.

- Unfinished Political Leaders NSDAP Brass Cockade: This appears to be an unfinished product and not a mold. It is identical in construction to a local NSDAP officer’s cockade. There is no paint or finish present.

- Cased Bronze Star Replacement Medal With Signed Card From Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson: The medal itself is in great condition but is unnumbered and unnamed. The case is in lovely condition as well but is missing the top interior tab for the separate ribbon. The card reads as followed:

It is an honor for me to forward
this decoration


This is a lovely lot that is perfect for the 45th Infantry Division collector or the younger collector looking for a place to start!

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