Original U.S. WWII 382nd Field Artillery Battalion Named Officer Grouping

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind grouping. The 382nd Field Artillery Battalion was part of the 103rd Infantry Division during WWII. Captain Robert E. Spangler (later promoted to Major) was an officer that began his journey with the company during stateside training and fought his way through Europe earning battle decorations and medal ribbons along the way. There is a fascinating website dedicated to Battery A of the 382 FA Battalion with a day by day account of the action during 1944 and 1945. Here is an excerpt:

Dec. 18
The battery early that morning crossed the German border, recrossed it and went into position 1/2 mile from Schweigen. The position was located in France. Enroute we went through the city of Wissembourg.
Except for the firing battery, which slept in pup tents, the men stayed in a castle, known as St Paul Chateau. It was a big place and had an ancient fort nearby.
Fired many missions, including some propaganda shells.

Dec. 19 … Fired 175 rounds during the day and continued harassing throughout the night. Weather cloudy and cold.
We heard some brief details about the Ardennes offensive.

Dec. 20 … Fired 287 rounds during the day and night. Mail orderly Ritchie brought in a lot of mail. Morale went up.

Dec. 21 ...We were informed that we were going to withdraw from our present position and move to a new sector. That afternoon we pulled back and went into position 3 and 1/2 miles west of Wissembourg. Did no firing.

Dec. 24 to Jan. 13. . .
Our mission here was to hold the ground we already occupied. We had relieved elements of the 3rd Army which had been rushed up north to help check the Ardennes breakthrough. We remained in this one position for three weeks, until January 13th. While in Metzing our position was improved daily, slit trenches were dug and parapets we built. It snowed right after we arrived and snow was still on the ground when we left. A few of the men stayed in houses in town, but most of the battery had pyramidal tents for shelter, including the CP. Much wood and shell cases were burned during those three weeks. It was plenty cold.
Three alternate gun positions were selected, this was in case we were attacked and forced to withdraw. The battery was alerted several times for possible attacks which never came. A number of dry run attacks by the enemy were practiced, in order to further acquaint every man what his role was and where he should be, if an attack came. Many mornings the battery was up at four waiting for the Germans. Machine guns and bazookas were manned all night and part of the day. We had an OP in a barn in a town up ahead as had "B" and "C" batteries. The OP was manned by the FO sections from morning until dark.
It was here that we spent Christmas. It wasn't merry. Every man thought of home and hoped that by the next Xmas he would be there. Our kitchen crew prepared an excellent dinner, the main dish being Turkey.
Someone went out and got a Xmas tree, which was decorated a little and put up between the CP and the kitchen. That's about as close as it came to seeming like Xmas.
Most of our firing here was done at night and was of a harassing nature.

Included in this wonderful grouping are the following items:
• U.S. WWII Foot locker trunk named in painted stencil to RONERT E. SPANGLER, CAPT 0-355398
• U.S. WWII Class A Uniform named to Spangler in the inner pocket featuring Distinct Unit Insignia of the 328 Power in reserve on each shoulder, Major Insignia, 103 Infantry Division Shoulder Patch, Artillery Collar Tabs, Medal Ribbons that include Bronze Star, American Campaign Medal,European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with two campaign stars, World War II Victory Medal and a French fourragere to the Croix de Guerre shoulder cord.
• U.S. WWIi officer visor cap named to Spangler.
• U.S. WWII Khaki Uniform
• U.S. WWII Ike Jacket.
• U.S. WWII 2 x Officer overseas Garrison caps Green 7 Khaki, Green bears Major Insignia.
• U.S. WWII Khaki Shit named to Spangler
• U.S. WWII neck tie
• Sterling Silver ID Bracelet that reads CPT R.E. SPANGLER 0-355398
• 19 x U.S. WWII color paper maps of Germany some with notations and routes (we typically sell these maps for $50/ea!)
• Rulers and geographical devices, books, paperwork etc…

A truly fascinating grouping from a Bronze Star recipient and top ranking officer in a pivotal Artillery Battalion that fought its way across occupied Europe during WW2. All pieces offered in very good to excellent condition.

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