Original U.S. WWII 32nd Infantry Division Japanese Bring Back Collection

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Original Item: Homer L. Goins born in 1920 in Tennessee later moved to Monroe, Michigan. He enlisted on October 15th, 1940 in the National Guard and was later sent to the Pacific Theatre as a member of the 32nd Infantry Division, 125th Infantry Regiment, Company C as research in the book The 32d Infantry Division in World War II.

The United States 32nd Infantry Division was formed from Army National Guard units from Wisconsin and Michigan and fought World War II. With roots as the Iron Brigade in the American Civil War, the division's ancestral units came to be referred to as the Iron Jaw Division. During tough combat in France in World War I, it soon acquired from the French the nickname Les Terribles, referring to its fortitude in advancing over terrain others could not. It was the first allied division to pierce the German Hindenburg Line of defense, and the 32nd then adopted its shoulder patch; a line shot through with a red arrow, to signify its tenacity in piercing the enemy line. It then became known as the Red Arrow Division.

During World War II, the division was credited with many "firsts". It was the first United States division to deploy as an entire unit overseas and among the first of seven U.S. Army and U.S. Marine units to engage in offensive ground combat operations during 1942. The division was among the first divisions to engage the enemy and were still fighting holdouts after the official Japanese surrender. The 32nd logged a total of 654 days of combat during World War II, more than any other United States Army division. The unit was inactivated in 1946 after occupation duty in Japan.

We know that Goins fought in the Pacific for the duration of the war and when stationed there he collected various war trophies packed them up in a small wood boxed and mailed them home to his father Charles.

Included with the bring back the box are the flowing:
• Original Japanese WWII Silk Rising Sun Army War Flag (37 x 27)
• Original Japanese WWII Prayer Flag with writing (12 x 9)
• Original Japanese WWII Prayer Flag with writing torn in half
• Original Japanese WWII Type 10 Flare Pistol in excellent condition serial number 2276.
• Original Japanese woman’s fan with Japanese meatball and characters.
• Original Japanese Sake cup with Imperial star and markings.
• Original U.S. WWII Type 91 Mechanical Time Fuze, used on ammunition for the 12.7cm AA-gun for the Type 89 naval gun. Inert and stored in original steel case.
• Loads of original Japanese WWII badges, insignia, rank bars medals etc…
• Original Japanese pen knife.
• Original U.S. WWII Japanese Phrase Book.
• Original Japanese WWII currency notes.
• Original Japanese WWII Pay book (we think)
• Other various items such as pencils, shrapnel, etc…

All in all a very interesting bring back collection with some very rare and desirable pieces. The flare gun alone is worth $1000.

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