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Original U.S. WWII 1st Marine Division China Named Framed Silk Embroidered Remembrance Scroll

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. One of the more popular souvenirs for many on the Asiatic Station was what collector's call a silk embroidered remembrance scroll. These scrolls came in a myriad of sizes, colors, designs, and materials and could be customized for a sailor, soldier or Marine to offer a unique keepsake of his Asiatic Cruise. Since a number of Great Powers operated in China during this era, scrolls usually were composed of patriotic symbols unique to each power. Not surprisingly, American themed scrolls combined the Eagle with the Stars and Stripes. Some of the more elaborate versions allowed for a photo of the owner and/or his ship to be inserted into the finished product.  I believe silk scrolls were produced at several locations in China, Japan and the Philippines.  Furthermore, I am sure each location had its own style and favored patterns.  Since the majority of American servicemen purchasing these were sailors, it should not be a surprise that most seen today have nautical themes that favored sailors. Although, highly popular before WWI, the scroll fell out of favor by the mid-1930s.

This example is dated 1946 and is rectangular with a base of faded black silk. It is highly detailed and shows quality craftsmanship. It reads TIENTSIN CHINA U.S.M.C 1946 JAMES C. MOUBRAY CHIN WANG TAO 1945-46. it featured the Marine “Devil Dog” as well as the 1st Marine Division Guadalcanal insignia and the allied flags. It is crafted in full vibrant colors. It has been professionally framed and measures 16" wide x 20" tall. Offered in excellent condition.

The term China Marines, originally referred to the United States Marines, of the 4th Marine Regiment, who were stationed in Shanghai, China from 1927 to 1941 to protect American citizens and property in the Shanghai International Settlement, during the Chinese Revolution and the Second Sino-Japanese War. Those Marines stationed at the embassy in Peking and the consulate in Tientsin referred to themselves as North China Marines.

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