Original U.S. WWII 1st Battalion Ranger Aussie Large Cog Guard Knuckle V44 Bowie Fighting Knife

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This CASE XX converted V44 Bowie knife measures 14 inches long overall, with a 9 3/8 inch clip point blade. Blade is 2 inches wide at the widest point. It is offered in very good condition without leather sheath with cast brass knuckle knife hilt, and teeth or cogs cast into the guard.

While long ago identified as the "1st Battalion Ranger" knife in Harold Peterson's book American Knives, these brass-knuckled fighting knives have been subsequently identified as being the product of Australia, and saw service in the Pacific Theater during WWII. These knives were produced in a "small" and a "large" variant, with nominally 6.25 in. and 9.25 inch blades respectively. These impressive looking fighting knives are an essential part of any collection of WWII theater and fighting knives. This is the large version, which is somewhat easier to find than the smaller variant, but both are difficult to find on the market today.

Condition: Very good overall. Blade has a medium pewter patina with some scattered oxidation and surface discoloration, and some light sharpening. The tip is slightly worn and dinged. The cast brass hilt has an uncleaned, deep bronze patina. Obvious period correct hand-finishing file marks are present inside the cogs and the grip of the knife.

Comes complete with original leather scabbard in very good condition. The scabbards are very often missing so this is a very nice addition to the knife.

While these knives have been reproduced for the collector market over the last few decades, this one is 100% correct and authentic and shows some real use. A very nice example of a scarce, and fierce-looking, Pacific Theater knuckle knife from World War II. If you've been wanting one, this is the one to add to your collection!

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