Original U.S. WWII 1945 Philippines Pacific Theatre Bring Back Talibon Knife

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This was hand crafted for a USGI to serve as a remembrance of his time during the war in the Philippines. The shape of the blade indicates that this type of knife is known as a Talibong. It features a wood decorated wood grip with hand guard, and wood scabbard with inlaid Mother of Pearl and carved and painted designs such as a Federal Eagle, a Star and the year 1945. Inlaid in Mother of Pearl is Philippines. A unique and attractive souvenir hand crafted for the U.S. Soldier tourist trade at the close of World War Two.

Overall knife length 18 inches, blade length 13 inches, length while seated in scabbard 22 inches.

Talibong – The “Talibon” or “Talibong” sword’s exaggerated belly indicates its uniqueness. This sword was seen in Southern Luzon, but mostly in the Visayan region of the Philippines during the later part of the Spanish era into the early American regime. The Talibong was used mostly for combat purposes but occasionally doubled as a tool when needed for hunting and cutting up meat. This sword’s shape can cut through grass easily while hunting animals then slaughtering the game when caught.

The Talibong, in well trained hands is very formidable. The Talibong is perfectly engineered for battle purposes to make the tactical thrusting to slashing easy to handle. The Talibong is one of the major bladed weapons used in the Pekiti Tirsia Kali fighting system from the Philippines.

The handle used to be simple, more straight and ordinary until it was later modified by the Filipinos to be used more as a weapon during the later part of the Spanish occupation era.

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