Original U.S. WWII 1945 Marine Corps Enlistment Poster Peleliu by Sgt D.N. Roman - 30” x 28”

Item Description

This vintage USMC enlistment poster from 1945 is a true gem. It showcases a stunning painting created by Marine Sergeant D.N. Roman, which captures the valor and dedication of the United States Marines. The poster is a testament to the Marine Corps' rich history and legacy of service to our country.

 The poster reads:

Landing at Peleliu on Sept. 15th, 1944, veterans of the First Marine Division met fierce resistance from enemy troops entrenched in ridges and caves. The Marines routed many of the foe with flame as the island was secured in a 26-day pitched battle.

Upon close inspection, it appears that the poster has been deliberately cut along the bottom where the "ENLIST NOW" section would have been. However, the striking image of the Eagle's beak from the EGA emblem is still visible, serving as a powerful reminder of the poster's original purpose.

The poster has signs of its former framing, indicated by the matte border. During the process of removing it from the frame, the adhesive holding the matte in place has unfortunately torn from the poster, leaving a noticeable darkened stain on the surface. Despite this, the poster is still in relatively good condition and could be easily restored to its former glory with a simple reframing process.

NOTE: This is an original 1945 dated printed version and not the re-printed 1952 version.

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