Original U.S. WWII 1944 USMC Hand Drawn Art Signed By Marine “H. Noble” - Advancing on Japanese Machine Gun Nest - 10 ½” x 8”

Item Description

Original Item: One-Of-A-Kind. Art produced during times of war typically has one of a few goals. The first is to provide proper propaganda for or against certain aspects of the war. The other goal could be to show the reality of war. Artists during most wars throughout history have provided art depicting battle scenes and propaganda, but the art of World War II may be one of the best examples of how war could impact the art world.

Throughout history, most representations of war depict military achievements and often show significant battle scenes. However, in the 19th century a “turn” in the visual representation of war became noticeable. Artists started to show the disastrous aspects of war, instead of its glorified events and protagonists. Such a perspective is best exemplified by Francisco Goya's series, The Disasters of War (1810-1820, first published in 1863), and Otto Dix's portfolio, Der Krieg (published in 1924).

This piece of art was hand drawn by a U.S. Marine named simply as “H. Noble” and dated ‘44. The image is in black and white with accents. The image depicts a US Marine attacking a fortified Japanese machine gun position.

This is an absolutely incredible piece of art and WWII USMC history! Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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