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Original U.S. WWII 1944 M9A1 Bazooka Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher - Inert

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Original Item: Only One Available. This M9A1 Bazooka has been demilitarized according to specifications by the BATF rendering it completely non-functional.

This incredibly rare example, the only original example we have ever owned in more than three decade, was manufactured in September 1944. It measures approximately 61" in length and and weighs 15 lbs. It is offered in excellent condition with all original parts including an original web sling. The tube is marked with serial number 210669 and manufacture date 9 44 as well as marker code GE for General Electric. It is also marked M9A1. Comes complete with original paint and reflective optical sight. This is as good as they get and we think its very unlikely we will ever have another to offer. Don't miss this opportunity!

The M9 was a Bazooka rocket launcher form incorporating several key improvements in its design - it replaced the M1A1 models in service during World War 2.

The "Bazooka" became a critical Allied weapon of World War 2 (1939-1945), charged with destruction of enemy armor and fortifications at range. At its core, it was a shoulder-fired, recoilless all-in-one weapon system capable of being carried by a sole infantryman into battle. So effective was the concept that the Germans, having reverse-engineered the type, issued a new 88mm anti-tank terror weapon to their own troops under the name of "Panzerschreck".

The M1 Bazooka was introduced into service with the U.S. Army in November of 1942 and its first actions encompassed "Operation Torch", the Allied invasion of North Africa. In its earliest form, the weapon had an overall length of 54 inches and weighed 18lb unloaded. Its M6 HEAT (High-Explosive, Anti-Tank) projectile could penetrate up to 3 inches (76mm) of armor. With the arrival of the M1A1 production model in July of 1943, the series improved the electrical system and featured a simplified overall design. Weight was reduced to 13.25lb.

After this arrived the M9 model which began production in October 1943. This form, continuing use of the 66mm rocket projectile, introduced a magneto-based trigger ignition system and could now be broken down into two more manageable sections for transport. The wooden furniture was also reworked to metal to ease production and lower costs. The improved M6A3 HEAT round was also introduced as we White Phosphorous and the M7A3 practice rocket. Penetration of the rocket munition now reached 4" (102mm) of armor protection. Overall length increased to 61 inches and weight increased to 15.15 pounds as a result of the changes.

The overall Bazooka form remained with its general shape being a slim tube. A pistol grip / trigger unit was set at the midway point of the design and both ends of the tube were open - one to release the rocket munition (front) and the other to exhaust the propellant gasses (rear). A crude wire shoulder support was affixed to the aft section of the launch tube. Optimally, two personnel were used in the operation of the weapon - one to load / reload and the other to sight and fire. The two-piece nature of the weapon allowed a single infantryman to carry several M9 weapons if need be.

The M9A1 was a slightly improved version of the original M9 of June 1944 in that an improved coupling assembly was devised for the launch tube. An optical reflector sighting device, introduced in September of 1944, succeeded the old iron arrangement for improved accuracy at range. Overall length and weight remained largely the same.

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