Original U.S. WWII 1944 Ford GPW Jeep with Accessories- Fully Restored

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. This is an original WW2 Ford GPW (Willy’s MB) Jeep. The serial number is 186996 and was delivered to the U.S. Government on 8-14-44 (August 14th, 1944). It has been restored top to bottom, runs perfectly, and is 90% comprised of original parts. It has clear current title, starts with ease, runs beautifully and is simply a pleasure to both own and drive.

This Jeep was originally discovered in eastern Pennsylvania and had been partially restored as a labor of love over the last 15 years by its previous owner. The tub and majority of the parts had little to no rust and are genuine WWII issue. The number on the frame of this jeep matches the number listed on the data plate, increasing the conductibility of this particular example.

Of particular note is that both the original WWII frame and original WWII data plate bear matching serial numbers 186996 (the frame stamp is faded but the last four digits are quite clear). Additionally, the tub (body) is genuine WWII manufactured by AMC (America Motor Company) with serial number clearly stamped reading 30338 (AMC took over tub making in 1943/44).

Upon our purchase of this jeep we tasked master restorer David Welch the former president of the MVPA (Motor Vehicle Preservation Association) and owner of Ramshorn Creek Restorations to conduct the restoration. Here is a run down of his work- the WWII drive train showed little wear when inspected and re-assembled, new battery, new battery cable, new temp gauge, new rear seals, brakes totally taken apart cleaned, inspected and rebuilt, brake lines, fuel lines, oil lines and wiring harness were all replaced with the best available. The entire Jeep was dismantled, stripped, repaired where needed, repainted and re-assembled. Not a single inch of this Jeep was left unrestored or neglected. It was even converted back to the original 6-volt electrical system!

The engine is a post war 1946/47 CJ which we actually prefer as these engines are far more reliable and easier to maintain. The engine was given a very through inspection and testing. We found a one-inch hairline crack in water jacket that has been expertly repaired welded and epoxied, then it was tested and withstood over 25lbs of pressure (the cap only is rated to 7lbs of pressure). This tiny crack is not near any integral component of the engine has ZERO performance impact on the jeep and will not affect the reliability of the engine one bit. We only mention in an effort at full disclosure but it is truly a non-issue.

Some of the canvas is new and was custom ordered from the Weebee Webbing. Yes, it even comes complete with the correct canvas top for cold or wet days.

Additional accessories include-

• A BATF approved non-firing original.30cal 191A4 Browning machine gun.
• 100-round ammunition feed box and belt of inert.30-06 ammunition.
• M25 pedestal mount with correct fork head cradle.
• Original U.S. WWII full Size Infantry Shovel
• Original U.S. WWII full Size Infantry Axe
• Original U.S. 1940’s Era brass fire extinguisher mounted driver side.
• Original U.S. WWII dated gasoline can.
• Garand/Thompson rifle rack on inside of windshield.

We wanted to base this Jeep on one from history so we stenciled it with the nomenclature of 9RCN HQ3, which means the 9th Infantry Division, Reconnaissance Vehicle, 3rd vehicle of Head Quarters.

The 9th Infantry Division played an integral part in WWII they were also known as The Old Reliables or Notorious. Before D-Day the Division went through eight battles, and was already a veteran Division by the time that D-Day started. Having fought in Algeria – French Morocco, Tunisia, and Sicily, the Division helped to cut off the French Peninsula during the battle of Normandy, fought their way through Belgium, and was among the first to set foot on German soil in September 1944. Here they fought some heavy battles in the Hurtgen Forest. After this they fought in the Ardennes (Battle of the Buldge), went across the Rhineland, and finally ended up in Central Europe.

There may be other WWII Jeeps on the market but very few that run as well, have as many authentic vintage parts without Bondo, multiple wartime accessories, a correct 1919A4 mounted on an M25 mount, or that borrow from the historically accurate regiment like the 9th Infantry Division. If you ever wanted a WW2 Jeep this is the one!

Purchase price is ex Gillette, New Jersey, USA warehouse, please call for a freight quote (typically cost >$1000 east of Mississippi and a between $1000 -$1500 west of the Mississippi river). Export possible but MG cannot be exported.

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