Original U.S. WWII 1944 Dated Airborne Type A-5 Aerial Delivery Container with Type A-1 Lamp Identification Light

Item Description

Original item, only one available: This is an exceptional piece of Airborne history. Heavy equipment that the paratroopers couldn't carry was dropped inside drop containers or drop bags. Heavy-duty cloth with horsehair lining is used to make the two end caps. The center pieces were made from Griswold bags sewed together or strong canvas lined with horsehair in this case. The A-5 actually dropped to the ground in a vertical configuration, with a parachute pack attached to one end and a crash cushion attached to the other. Each pack has a colored light attached to it so that the contents could be quickly identified. The A-5 drop bag contained everything from firearms to ammo and explosives, as well as medical supplies and meals.

After witnessing the effectiveness of German paratroopers in 1940, the US military soon began developing its own elite airborne troops. In 1943, US paratroopers landed in Sicily as part of Operation Husky, and in 1944, they landed in Normandy as part of the D-Day invasion. Extra weapons, ammunition, rations, medical supplies, and radio equipment were dropped in the specially designed A-5 aerial delivery container for that "day of days."

This US Airborne A5 Drop Container is in excellent condition, with moderate staining on the left and right end cover. It also has a scattered patina to the metal hardware of each end cover.

The container end covers have all of the original black checked white parachute webbing with metal "D" rings and snap hooks, little white tie loops for a bumper pad (right) and para-pack (left), and "STEIN BROS. MFG. CO. CHICAGO" stamping with Order Number: (09-127) 44- 10096.

It comes with an original blue U.S. WWII A1 Airborne Drop Container Identification Light made by "Standard Aircraft Products Inc., Dayton Ohio USA". These lights were used on the drop containers, to find and identify a drop container and its payload. This one is a blue light, which means that the cargo holds radio material.

Red lights were used for ammunition.
Amber lights were used for carburant-Gasoline.
Green lights were used for rations and water.
White lights were used for medical material.

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