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Original U.S. WWII 1944 Airborne Pathfinder PPN-2 Eureka Homing Beacon

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Original Item: Only One Available. The PPN series were known as the "EUREKA BEACON" transmitter and were used by Pathfinders during airborne drops to signal and guide the main body of planes in to the drop zones.

Rebecca & Eureka formed a system of portable ground-based beacons and airborne direction finding equipment initially designed to assist the air-drop delivery of supplies to the Allied Armies and Resistance groups in occupied Europe.

Rebecca was a receiver placed within the aircraft, Eureka was a small man-pack transmitter beacon that allowed the aircraft to home in on the beacons location. PPN-1 was used by paratrooper units.

The set projected a signal the incoming planes could home in on and could also be used to transmit short messages to the planes via a code key. Sets had a built in self destruct charge and were issued with a padded jump bag with the entire set weighing about 35 lbs.

The PPN-1A setup would generally be brought in during a parachute drop and setup on the ground. To select a channel, the serviceman was required to appropriately adjust the position of the two coils. Once properly linked up, the job was to guide the later aircraft to the drop zone.

The British were the first to develop Eureka beacons in WWII and the US forces later modified the British design for the American forces. The very first American Eureka Beacon put into use was the PPN-1, which was used by airborne pathfinders at Normandy. The PPN-1 was modified into the PPN-1A, which was later superseded by the PPN-2.

WWII PPN-2 Radio Beacon Eureka Transmitter Pathfinder - Complete less battery WWII RT-37/PPN-2 Beacon Transmitter-Receiver Antenna Receiver Transmitter Carrying Harness Headphones Measures in Carrying Harness 16'' tall x 12'' wide dated 1944 serial number 1968.

The transmitter of this set is in excellent condition with all of its original Signal Corps "OD" wrinkle finish paint remaining. All switch markings are intact. The tan colored padded jump case is also excellent and the zips work perfectly. This is a WWII produced model but there is a 1952 dated yellow tag on the unit declaring it as "serviceable".
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