Original U.S. WWII 1943 Ford GPW Jeep with All Matching Serial Numbers - Fully Restored (Gold Medal Winner)

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. This is an original WW2 1943 Ford GPW Jeep. It has ALL MATCHING serial numbers, if you collect Jeeps you will know how incredibly rare that is to find (approximately 1% of collectible WW2 Jeeps have all matching serial numbers). The serial number 141204 is located on the frame, on the engine and on the data plate found on the tub. It was manufactured at the Louisville, Kentucky plant in the summer of 1943. It was delivered to the U.S. Government on September, 1st 1943. Of particular note is that the original WWII engine, frame and original WWII tub are all Ford manufactured. Later in 1943 the Jeep tubs (both Ford and Willy's) were outsourced to AMC (American Motor Company) making this tub one of the very last GPWs issued with a genuine Ford built tub!

This jeep has had a frame off restoration and every part has been inspected, cleaned and if required repaired, replaced, or reconditioned from top to bottom. It runs perfectly and is comprised of 95% original parts. It has a clear and current title, starts with ease, drives beautifully and is simply a pleasure to both own and drive.

This jeep was discovered in Maine, thankfully it was stored in a garage which means the tub, frame, engine and majority of the parts had little rust which is rare for genuine WWII issue Jeep. The serial number 141204 on the frame, engine and data plate is clearly visible increasing the desirability of this excellent example.

Upon our purchase of this jeep we tasked master restorer David Welch the former president of the MVPA (Motor Vehicle Preservation Association) and owner of Ramshorn Creek Restorations to conduct the inspection, testing and restoration. Here is a run down of his work- the WWII drive train showed little wear when inspected and re-assembled, new battery, new battery cable, new voltage gauge, new seals, engine tested and serviced, all fluids flushed and filled, brakes totally taken apart cleaned, inspected and rebuilt, brake lines, fuel lines, oil lines were replaced with the best available. Features an original vintage wiring of Maine harness, paint has epoxy primer with 33070 Gillespie top coat. The only component that wasn't rebuilt was the engine because it displayed fantastic compression and vacuum. The engine was resealed. The entire Jeep was dismantled, stripped, repaired where needed then re-assembled. Not a single inch of this Jeep was left unrestored or neglected. We even added the correct combat split rims and purchased brand new 15" period military Firestone tires!

We decided to test his work and entered it in the EAST COAST MILITARY VEHICLE RALLY at Aberdeen Maryland where it one a GOLD MEDAL for Factory Class Jeeps (the premier category)!

Another wonderful aspect that really sets this jeep apart are clever alterations that makes it far more pleasurable to drive. To begin with-

Additional accessories include-

• A resin replica non-firing .50cal M2 Browning machine gun.
• Correct canvas top by Beechwood Canvas for cold wet weather.
• Correct M31C pedestal mount with fork head cradle.
• Original U.S. WWII full Size Infantry Shovel.
• Original U.S. WWII full Size Infantry Axe.
• Original U.S. 1940’s Era brass fire extinguisher mounted driver side.
• Original U.S. WWII dated water can.
• Garand/Thompson rifle rack on inside of windshield.

There may be other WWII Jeeps on the market but virtually none that have matching serial serial numbers, run as well, won a GOLD MEDAL at the largest Military Vehicle show on the East Coast, have as many authentic vintage parts without Bondo, multiple wartime accessories, all working gauges, brand new Firestone tires and combat rims. In fact, if you found this jeep in a barn and restored it to the level we have with all the work required it would cost at least $25,000 in parts and labor (not to mention the 18 months waiting for it to be completed).

Purchase price is ex Gillette, New Jersey, USA warehouse, please call for a freight quote (typically cost >$1000 east of Mississippi and a between $1000 -$1500 west of the Mississippi river). Export is possible, please contact us.

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