Original U.S. WWII 1943 Dated Inert M20 Recoilless Rifle M309A1 75mm Training Practice Round - Cutaway Trainer

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Totally inert and demilitarized according to BATF guidelines with hollow body and inert fuse. This grenade cannot be converted to an explosive device and is not available for export.

When it comes to designing a training program for military personnel, instructors are faced with several challenges. First, unlike athletes there is no off-season, most units are either preparing for deployment, deployed, or refitting from deployment. Secondly, training facilities vary from location to location and often focus on a single task. These tasks may include muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, field craft or marksmanship. Each of the above contribute to the success of an operation, however there is one area of training that is deficient. This deficiency is visual training; visual ability plays a larger role in achieving optimum performance than most military personnel realize. The goal of integrating visual training into an already packed curriculum is not to dilute it but to improve tactical performance.

To help users better understand the equipment they are using, examples like this cutaway were made. These were intended to give the users a look at the internal structure of the explosives, showing the different layers as well as where they connect or thread into each other.

This is a lovely example of an M309A1 Training Practice round for the M20 Recoilless Rifle. This round mimics the M309, a high-explosive fragmentation, recoilless, spin stabilized projectile. The projectile has a thin-walled, steel body with a base that tapers, a long internally threaded ogive and an integral, pre engraved rotating band. The round does have partial, visible markings which dates the round to 1943 and being a “TP M309A1” round. This round appears to have been “updated” due to all of the WWII marking being Xed out.

The condition is quite nice with much of the paint retained on the exterior. There are 3 threaded holes present on the opposite side of the cut section, we believe these were made for use of a stand, or other display method.

A wonderful example ready for display.

M20 recoilless rifle
The M20 recoilless rifle is a U.S. 75 mm caliber recoilless rifle T21E12 that was used during the last months of the Second World War and extensively during the Korean War. It could be fired from an M1917A1 .30 caliber machine gun tripod, or from a vehicle mount, typically a Jeep. Its shaped charge warhead, also known as HEAT, was capable of penetrating 100 mm of armor. Although the weapon proved ineffective against the T-34 tank during the Korean War and most other tanks, it was used primarily as a close infantry support weapon to engage all types of targets including infantry and lightly armored vehicles. The M20 proved useful against pillboxes and other types of field fortifications.

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